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Connect with our proven pharmaceutical marketing professionals, our established approach, and our network of vetted agencies and KOLs to enhance your efforts and impact results. From bolstering your in-house team to slaying looming deadlines and taking on all daunting tasks, Directorie makes it happen.

The real deal.
Directorie is not a staffing agency and not a consultancy. We are a team of passionate marketing specialists. We confidently join your team with a whole stack of experience to make your world a better place. (Even when your world may seem upside down).

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Directorie understands the pharmaceutical marketing world and what it takes to get your goals accomplished. That's totally our sweet spot.
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Peace of mind in knowing the insanely capable folks at Directorie will join and require little onboarding support before they are able to contribute value and seamlessly operate and contribute as a member of your team…. they have your back, and will build your team.

Molly Martin,
Director/Patient Marketing

Their employees become part of your team, and your business becomes their own.

Christy England,
Vice President, Marketing

Directorie teams embody the expertise and speed necessary to be successful in today’s pharmaceutical marketing environment.

Eileen Goldstein,
Senior Director, Patient/Payer Immunology Marketing

They aren't constrained by typical swim lane/workstream guardrails - they lean in anywhere and everywhere needed.

Christian Darland,
Head of Marketing, US Metabolics

The commitment Directorie has to their clients' business is unmatched. It's a wonderful thing to know they are not just supplementing your team but a true part of it, all working towards a common set of goals. You can trust them to be a part of team that gets it done, in a focused manner, and quickly. Plus from a cultural perspective, they're a wonderful group with incredible positive energy that is greatly additive.

Meghan Rivera,
Chief Marketing Officer, Head of Commercial