The Directorie team of superstars crave a challenge and have all the tools and experience to meet and exceed your needs. We can work side by side with your crew and set you up with everything you need for success. We can help with pre-launch, peer to peer, advisory boards, KOL development, conference coordination and heck, you name it!
We're Ready

Seamlessly sound.
Directorie's team of high-level marketing can-do-it-alls seamlessly join your team, dig in and get things done.
So done.

We’ve got the chops.
With our diverse portfolio and deep pharmaceutical industry marketing experience, Directorie makes the seemingly impossible a success.

So not a staffing agency.
We're an assembled team of director-level pros ready to jump in on a diverse range of tasks with an arsenal of skills.

CEO & Founder

Erika is “On”. She loves what she does and has been conquering challenges in the “Commercial” world of Pharma for 16 years. She approaches life with more than just a "glass half full" mindset - her glass is eternally spilling over. Erika is always highly caffeinated and ready to go. "I believe a positive solutions-oriented attitude can get you through the hardest times and makes the good times even sweeter."

Vice President,
Strategy & Operations

Ryan goes from strategy to execution on any given day multiple times with ease. Partly because of his 18 years of pharmaceutical experience in a variety of roles from sales to marketing but also because his positivity and hard-working attitude are contagious. "I enjoy new challenges and an energetic environment. I am a self-motivated, hardworking individual who can help create a strategy from a '10,000 foot view,' and then roll-up my sleeves and execute it at a day to day level."

Thomas McGuire,
Vice President,
Client Services

Thomas is flexible…no Thomas is dynamic. He brings years of diverse pharma experience in a variety of disease states and therapeutic areas. His attitude and dedicated work ethic make him a perfect fit to the team. ​"I’m extremely driven but also inherently flexible. Teams need people that can both lead, but also get down into the trenches and do the hard work – I can deliver both."

Directorie SpecialOps is an exclusive service provided to ALL of our valued clients,
aka best buds, to take on those other tasks and operations that are crucial to the job. (plus a few that are crucial to their sanity)

From strategy and execution to creative and graphic design services, our SpecialOps task force has it all covered.

Request a SpecialOps Mission!