Meet our CEO, Erika Sinner

Erika Sinner, CEO of Directorie, is more than just a leader; she's a catalyst for change in the realm of empathy at work. Through her unwavering determination, Erika, also known as the "Chief Empathy Officer," is on a mission to champion empathy not only within her company but globally. Her background, rooted in humble beginnings and marked by hard work, instilled in her the grit and tenacity that propelled her to entrepreneurial success.

Erika saw the need for a different support model in the industry. After spending 11 years on pharma marketing teams, including managing 8 launches, she recognized the void left between in-house teams, contractors, and external partners. That’s Directorie’s sweet spot—right in between them all. 

Her leadership team includes people like her—they’ve walked in the shoes from roles like Chief of Staff to Marketing Director. And Directorie’s execution teams are trained by them to understand client needs as if they work at the life science companies they support. And sometimes they do just that—the Directorie model can flex, and they can embed people on client teams.

Directorie works with mid- and large-scale pharma, device, and emerging healthcare tech companies. Their experience spans rare disease, complex-science, and traditional medications delivered in the retail space, specialty pharmacies, hospital- and community-settings, or by focused specialists. When they are brought in, it’s typically when there’s an immediate gap to fill. For instance:

  • managing go-to-market strategies
  • standing up a hub
  • building out a KOL engagement plan
  • optimizing budgets and processes
  • building out a KOL engagement plan
  • facilitating MLR systems
  • filling the voids on short-staffed team
  • executing iterative marketing materials

They have teams ready to fill those gaps and more.

Erika's transformation from a pharma professional to CEO allowed her to marry feminine leadership with strong business acumen, fostering a workplace marked by empathy, understanding, and high standards. She creates an environment where authenticity and vulnerability are celebrated, an approach known as "the Erika effect" among her team.  

Paw in the family

While Erika has always been an example of empathy driven leadership, her unique moment of realization to be more vocal, occurred in the summer of 2023 when she faced the loss of her beloved Shar Pei, Kingston, and her other dog Edmond’s cancer diagnosis just weeks later.  

This profound grief inspired her to lead more vulnerably and advocate for pet bereavement leave in organizations. Her book, "Pets Are Family," set to release in early 2024, serves as a first step in raising awareness about the necessity of such leave. Erika’s book is not merely a personal account, but a call to action. Her mission extends beyond policy updates; it's about bringing more empathy into the workplace, recognizing the shared human experiences that unite us all. 

To learn more about her mission please visit or follow Erika on her Instagram or LinkedIn. She would love to hear from you.